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"Remember only a third of crime is ever reported"


As we improve in security systems across the board property crime is becoming more prevalent as this is seen as an easier target for the professional criminals and more the novice criminal looking for instant funds. It has been reported by the BBC that residential burglaries are up 14 % - CLICK HERE

The same can not be said about commercial burglaries as this is more than likely due to the increase in alarm technology and the use of CCTV - CLICK HERE

The two reports clearly show that there is an upward trend in burglaries, especially in residential where commercial properties are already protected in line with their own security risk assessments. This is not to say however, that our own properties and belongings are no more less important and in many cases are irreplaceable due to nature of how we came to have them. We all remember the days that it may have been a little pretentious to have an alarm on your house at STE Solutions we beleive that this is not the case anymore.


Affordable Alarm installation with STE Solutions

We have established the fact that Alarms are now more affordable for the end user and we are all able to protect our own properties just as efficient as commercial property owners. Remember one way to get rid of crime is to divert it, move it on. For example if there is 10 houses in a row and 9 have alarm boxes and one does not it is highly probable that if a crime were to be committed in that area it will be on the easier property of the one not alarmed.

At STE Solutions we offer acomplete solution to securing your property using not just an affordable system, but one that is user friendly and up with the times.

All systems are bespoke and we can add on devises and as easily remove them dependant on the area to be secured. This will be achieved by carrying out a FREE security survey. At the survey all will be explained and questions answered including having pets in the house, visitors and electrical failures! We know there will be many more.

We are a local company and will always be available after the installation should you have any problems or need extra guidance on the system. WE DO NOT charge a monthly service charge.


It is this simple


identify the need - FREE Survey - design system - order accepted - installation - aftercare


So look no further...If you have made your mind up that a system is what you need then let us give you something for FREE.! The SURVEY...


We are easily contactable either by using the CONTACT form or simply fill out the call request at the top right hand corner. We understand that potential clients like to call us and we are available on 01767 631471.


"It is the risk element which ensures security. Risk brings out the ingenuity and resourcefulness which insure success."
Robert Rawls